And the answer is. . .

I have access. Kind of. But I keep getting kicked off randomly and then it won't let me log on again for about 10-15 minutes. SO I have no idea WHY it's working right now, but hey, I'm not complaining that it is.

*huggles the F-List*

I have missed you guys!!! What's new in your worlds???
Doctor (Nine)


Happy Friday all!

I might be getting the car this weekend, which is awesome.

Even more awesome. . . I have a date. . .

This should be interesting. :-)
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Ab Fab


Oh dear Bob... I think my friends are trying to kill me.

I haven't been home a single night in almost a week. I'm seeing my second of three plays tomorrow night (last night was Billy Elliot, which OMB IT'S AMAZING), and I've been kidnapped for various and sundry adventures repeatedly by different people. This weekend does not look to be any different.

Not that I'm really complaining, mind you. I'm just getting a wee bit tired.

In good news, I might have a line on a car! My friend is buying a Prius on Friday and needs a good home for his gently used 1993 Ford Taurus. It's reliable and cheap, both of which appeal to me greatly right about now. :-)

What are you guys doing for Memorial Day??
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Ab Fab

So. Almost 2 months.

And I honestly wish I had a better excuse than "I suck", but yeah. I got nothing really.

IN my defense, I've been busy as hell between shows and work and home. . . and this whole crazy thing I call my life.

How are you guys?
Daleks Need Love Too

Blah blah blah

These down times between shows are always completely disconcerting. I know the COG likes them, but they drive me batty. I keep thinking I should be at the theatre, keep feeling like there's something I'm forgetting to do. . .
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Forgive me all, I'm just cutting and pasting my review from the e-mail I just sent ot the gentleman who gave me the tickets. Needless to say I LOVED it, and I covet their lighting designer. Holy crap.

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Daleks Need Love Too


So it's been an exciting day today. I've been subpoena'd for the first time, though I'm not 100% sure why. I think it's to do with a gentleman who hit my car over the summer who had no insurance, but I'm not sure.

Should be fun if they ask me where the car is now. "In a landfill, sir."

Also, E broke off her engagement with her long-time beau last night. COG is pissed at her, though I've tried to remind him that she's 24, an adult and it's ultimately none of our business who she does or does not marry. It does rather suck though, as I do like the boy quite a bit.

Hope none of you are directly negatively effected by the catastrophe in Haiti. I'm putting in a couple extra prayers today for everyone down there.
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Doctor (Nine)

You know. . .

I've been doing theatre for 20+ years now. The last seven have mostly been with the same group.

Why, then, am I constantly surprised when NOTHING IS READY three weeks from opening?
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